Thursday, 29 December 2011

Original Lesson 4: Inventors' WorkShop

This helps with creative thinking and gives students more ownership and confidence in approaching all kinds of tasks: english, maths, science and more...


Anonymous said...

Hey Anna,

Great post, really interesting ideas. Another one I came up with is for geography. You could ask the students to research great places around the world to snowboard.

Good job.

Anna Kapnoullas said...

Hi Nick,

That's a great idea! I didn't have any for geography so that's especially helpful. Thanks, will definitely use that in the future.

Thanks for commenting,

Anonymous said...

A terrific and fun idea that can have kids engaged in something real, and can be used for positive learning outcomes !!!
Perhaps showing kids a video of someone snowboarding will also be a way to help them connect with the exercise.

Anna Kapnoullas said...

That's a great way to immerse the children in the activity and would be especially helpful for those who haven't snowboarded.

You could ask the students to stand up and pretend they were snowboarding while watching the video, which would be both fun for them and very amusing to watch.