Thursday, 15 December 2011

Original Lesson 1: Community Connections (Street Names)

My 'community newsletter' was delivered a few days ago. One article was on the local council calling for recommendations for new street names. How excited, as a primary student, would you be if you created a suggestion and it actually became a street name in your local area?

This is not only a great opportunity to foster students' creativity, it also requires students to research the history, events (culture) and landmarks (geography) significant to their local area and make suggestions accordingly.

The council provided these guidelines in their article:
- names must be of significance to the local area
- no first names
- easy to spell
- not similar to any other names in the area
There's my assessment criteria done for me!

Look out for these types of opportunities; they are more common than you might think and are limitless. Other examples (which I haven't thought of myself but have seen or heard of being used) are:
- Local exhibitions where students can be one of the presenters, ie photography, art/craftwork, model car at a local car show, student grown roses at a flower festival
- Local concerts where students can be guest singers/musicians

These aunthentic lessons are often more engaging and relevant for students than, say, a geography or history lesson on France or Italy which may have no real-life relevance to most students and which rarely has an exciting objective like these lessons offer. So be a hunter and search out these opportunities in your school's community.

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Lessons you have heard of or thought about would be great too!

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